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The employees from the Building Projects department develop an essential knowledge for cultural diversity and curiosity for cross-cultural topics during a multifaceted, intercultural qualification program for the BMW Group. In the interactive exercise "Borderless Experiences" the topic is captured by all senses.


The company BMW Group, Building Projects department

A new plant, an office building or a sales room – The “Building Projects” team, consisting of 140 employees, leads the strategic planning and the performance of the worldwide building projects of the BMW Group. Planning and project managers are visually and directly in contact with processing partners and internal departments in foreign counties. There are already 10 different nations represented in the team. Different forms of communication, other understandings of hierarchy and leading such as different strategies for projects – knowing how to face intercultural challenges is the aim of the long term cooperation between the BMW Group and icunet.

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Check-up: international challenges

How does building projects work in foreign markets?

What determines strategic planning?

How can employees be efficiently prepared for their assignments?

How do organizations bring costs, time, quality and design together in worldwide building projects?


Key objectives:

  1. Effective cooperation with suppliers and external partners from foreign countries in all steps of international projects
  2. Integration of new colleagues in the team
  3. Efficient preparation of employees for their assignment
  4. Improvement of cooperation between stakeholders and BMW-employees in Germany in virtual processes

Full service ICU® solution:

BMW Group meets this challenges with the support of icunet as guiding business partner BMW Group faces these challenges interactively and considering all significations with the support of icunet as guiding business partner

The participants go on an interactive trip through the exhibition “World of experience” under the title „Kick-start – in 8.0 hours around the world“. They move from the USA to Brazil and Mexico, stop in Great Britain and Russia and finally arrive in China. The audience is gasping when the intercultural Indian-Expert Gurdatar Singh Bal introduces himself as Sepp Obermeier: An Indian with a typical Bavarian name… that must be the thought of many participants. Commercials from the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Russia and China show the audience how different a loyal trust relationship to a customer is built in these countries, which roles interpersonal relationships and humour play and which stunning contrasts are to be seen in comparison to Germany – even if there are alleged similarities. The Slogan “BMW – Fun driving” must therefore be phrased differently in other countries.

Das sagen unsere Kunden:

„Dieses engagierte Teil-des-Ganzen sein, sich für das Er­geb­nis ver­ant­wortlich fühlen, das ist für mich schon eine ganz große Geschichte.“

Klaus Hauser, Vice President Building Projects, BMW Group

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