Process optimization in global mobility management, Siemens

Process optimization in Global Mobility: Siemens AG actively uses the Relocation Management Tool of icunet - ICU NeXt Destination (IND). Using IND, you significantly simplify and accelerate your Global Mobility and Relocation process by decreasing complexity and creating transparency in data control, yet without reducing your overall performance.

About Siemens AG

About 12,500 people work in Austria for Siemens AG. The turnover of Siemens AG in Austria in the fiscal year 2012/2013 was around 3.5 billion euros.

Siemens Austria runs from Vienna the business responsibility for 18 other countries in the CEE (Central Eastern Europe) region. In some sectors of the company, business responisbility goes beyond this field of responsibility embracing Switzerland, the Czech Repubilc and Turkey.

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How can I simplify our processes of Assignment Management?

What measures can help me to reduce the administrative costs?

What options do I offer the expat or assignee to manage its own data transparently?

A lot of data or surveys can be lost through employees transfer – how can I do this hand over without losing important data?

Full service ICU® solution:

icunet presents a tool for Relocation Management, which organizes the entire assignment process: IND. Thanks to the high transparency and intuitive usability the processes speed up considerably, saving time and money.

The data is always securely stored and the accesses can be enabled depending on the user; that is why IND offers three different views: for Human Resources, for expats and for relocation service providers.

Customer feedback:

„The essence of the IND system for me is that it is programmed in such an easy way, that the handling is intuitive. There is transparency and an overview of the system so that repeated inquiry or controlling measures are simply not necessary.“ Mag. Alexander Veit, Head of Global Mobility Services, Siemens AG.

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