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People from more than 30 nations. Experts in diverse fields. Personalities with exciting biographies and exceptional talent. These are the employees of icunet. With us, diversity is standard. The world is colorful. We are too.

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Good ideas develop in motion. We deliberately leave our comfort zone and support our customers with boldness, confidence and experience – even in remote locations. New perspectives. New horizons. New homes. That’s what icunet is all about.

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There is no day-to-day life – just life. We support our customers with passion. Ambitious goals and unforeseen obstacles? For icunet, these represent welcome challenges. We know what we do – and we love doing it.

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icunet is the place for visionaries. We have no interest in ideological blinders, devoting our gaze instead to the future. A dynamic economy needs dynamic partners. We are on the ball. All day, every day. For the last 16+ years.



icunet starts where others stop. We press on past the gentle hills and set out for the highest peaks. We journey together – led by the Orange Spirit and inspired by the power of human encounter. No obstacle can stand in our way. We are determined, curious and prepared. The summit is before our eyes. And we have everything we need for success.

Appreciation and trust

Demanding paths require trust and respect. That is how we engage one another and how we engage our customers. To reach the summit, the route must be clearly communicated to all. Transparency. Openness. Honesty. At icunet, these represent the basis for our collaborative journey. They will bring us to the highest peaks.

Fitness and mobility

Steep trails and precipitous cliffs are not for beginners. We are well-trained, up-to-date and perfectly prepared. The experts at icunet are experienced hikers. Inaction and passiveness are at odds with their character. Always ready for a challenge, they guide their customers safely to the summit.

Foresight and clarity

If you want to ascend to the top, you need a clear view. icunet guarantees this for itself and its customers. Fog makes hiking difficult. Safe travel requires an honest assessment of one’s current location, the selection of a secure route and, when in doubt, a plan B. Our vision has been sharpened from numerous tours. We are ready for the next summit.

Inspiration through individuality

There are mountain climbers and long-distance runners. Inquisitive explorers and concentrated climbers. Stout hikers and sensitive cloud gazers. They all have the summit in mind, but each blaze’s their own trail. Nothing inspires more than the inner drive of different personalities. icunet sees this at work every day in its teams. Our customers feel it too.

Responsibility and sustainability

Those who reach the peak are rewarded with the beauty of the view from the top. icunet looks to the horizon – and beyond. As a leader in intercultural cooperation and global mobility, it is natural for us that the road to the summit is not our end goal. Our social commitment stretches far beyond that. In our work. At our congress. And on every single journey.



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