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Pencil drawing of a car with yellow windows.

Courageous, young

and successful

It all started with a used VW Golf and a crazy idea. 16 years later, the car is history while the idea has become the centerpiece of a vibrant company under the leadership of Dr. Fritz Audebert. The core idea is as relevant as ever: When businesses send their employees abroad, they need more than technical expertise. Success comes only to those who know the culture of the new country and can interpret its signs and symbols. icunet provides the necessary intercultural know-how and guarantees comprehensive local support. A model of success. From the beginning.

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and excellent!

A great idea is never enough. Perseverance, persuasiveness and the unconditional belief in success are also needed. icunet possessed these traits from the outset. The result was a fast-growing company and the rapid spread of the Orange Spirit. Before it could even mark its fifth year, icunet was honored with the German Founders Award. Countless other awards have followed since.

icunet – proven excellence!

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At the top

and still climbing

The idea is solid, the spirit drives us forward and icunet is growing. Numerous awards and years later, we are the market leader in intercultural cooperation and global mobility. A cause for celebration – and further planning. The result: 16 new locations. 180 new employees. And many new tasks in the areas of training, consulting and mobility.

icunet is on the move. Now, more than ever.

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From intercultural

to European

Experts in intercultural cooperation often see Europe as a prime example. Colorful, fascinating and challenging: The European project is a particular concern at icunet. Both in our daily work and, since 2015, with our annual congress #rethinkeurope.

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The heart in Passau

at home in the world

Icunet was born in Passau, Germany. The city is uniquely located as a meeting point of three rivers and its border geography to Austria and close vicinity to Czech Republic have been impacting life there for generations. This international and intercultural spirit is mirrored by icunet´s desire to bring people together and foster understanding - in Germany, Europe and all over the world.With the aim to support our clients wherever internationalization takes them, we now spread over 16 locations in eight countries on three continents. Our office in Mexico has been delivering icunet services since 2016.