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The DNA of an organization is its culture

The organizational culture of a company is its DNA. It defines a community’s values and provides a framework for strategic and day-to-day entrepreneurial decisions. Contrary to the DNA of a living being, however, organizational culture can change. This is where we come in: with icunetics – a proven tool that clearly and precisely assesses a company’s organizational culture. The results identify levers for further strategic development. Improved international performance, increased innovation and stronger communication are just a few of the promising possibilities.

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Targeted Development of (Organizational) Cultures

How can I targetedly develop an organizational culture? How can I guide the unique change process in my organization towards a more innovative, productive, agile and resilient structure? With icunetics, we illustrate the differences that exist between the actual and target culture while highlighting areas that can be optimized.

Laptop with ICUNETICS app on the screen.

Explore your organization’s DNA: icunetics (currently under development)

icunetics ascertains the current state of your organizational culture, develops a target vision for your specific high-performance culture and accompanies the change process through to the desired result. The basic model consists of objective data (e.g. from production, business operations, finance, customers, external stakeholders) and self-reported data. To collect this data, we create web surveys that are supplemented by workshops in the next step. Additionally, we sensitize your management to the challenges ahead. With our Global Team Player tool, we can measure how likely managers are to identify challenges, inspire employees and stay on course even in turbulent times. Clients can also use icunetics autonomously as a monitoring tool to acquire a precise evaluation of their organizational culture. Drawing on their vast experience and expertise, the strategy consultants at icunet interpret the results and develop tailored solutions in follow-up workshops together with the client that ensure a sustainable change process.