World leading manufacturer says yes to cultural negotiation of 3-year strategic goals, Miele China

Miele China

Miele manufactures domestic appliances. It has been an independent, family owned company since its establishment in 1899. In 1996, Miele opened its Asia manufacturing base in Dongguan. There are a total of 400 employees.

A world leading, European manufacturer of electrical appliances combined an intercultural briefing with a facilitated strategy workshop with its executive management team. Why Miele called ICUnet:

  • They wanted new facilitation techniques
  • They wanted a neutral host of the day to ensure that hierarchical
  • They wanted to reduce their dependency on headquarters and that meant handling some sensitive topics in the meeting
  • They wanted to counter the usual imbalance of the meetings whereby the senior foreign managers lead the majority of the debate

Full-service ICU® solution


  • Clarification of needs and assessment
  • Planning and implementation of C-level intercultural briefing and facilitated workshop
  • On-the-job consulting to ensure success on the day

Outcomes for Miele

ICUnet did an excellent job in bringing the program of ‘Intercultural Teambuilding and Strategy Workshop’ to our International Management Team. Over two days, our team grew closer with better cultural and strategic understanding and was extremely enthusiastic in preparing the upcoming business plan. Great Learning and Great Course!

TEO Soon Seng, Managing Director – Miele Dongguan