The Global Manager Master Class

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The Global Manager represents intercultural know-how on a multitude of levels. By combining intercultural assessment, awareness, coaching and country-specific cultural knowledge, it becomes an all-encompassing, level-based, interactive solution for intercultural qualification. The Global Manager offers automatically personalized training contents,which correspond to the learner’s personal habits and preferences.


Mobil & responsiv


Overall solution: Assessment, Awareness and country-specific culture


Interactive, motivating & entertaining through edutainment

“icunet, as an intercultural consulting firm, is the leading partner when it comes to internationalization. Internationalization, in particular, represents a challenge for learning, qualification and knowledge management: being globally available, across several time zones while remaining culturally adapted – because every culture has a different kind of learning. In the field of digitalization, icunet, which pursues continuous product development in its intercultural innovation lab, attaches great importance to level-based e-learning. With digitally-accessible assessment-tools, tailored contents are transmitted that develop the learner in the best way possible.“ - published in hr performance, Veronika Hackl, Deputy Head of Business Unit Strategy Consulting, icunet, Dec. 2015

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Global Manager masterclass

Veronika Hackl
ICUnet Group

Deputy Head of Business Unit Strategy Consulting